Corkit® is a two-part epoxy compound in a single stick form. Corkit® will adhere to a wide range of surfaces for fast permanent repairs often eliminating expensive repairs.

Aqua Secures permanent repairs in wet or damp conditions. Aqua Corkit® is used to repair pools, wooden boat decks and hulls, fittings, pipes, electrical connections, battery cases, scratches, cuts, gouges and holes. Aqua Corkit® has a 10 minute work time.

Steel Inherits Industrial strength and Chemical resistant properties. Steel Corkit® is used to repair fuel tanks, radiators, gaskets, castings, prototypes, stripped threads, anchor bolts. Steel Corkit® has a 7 minute work time.

Multi-purpose is an efficient and effective multi-task repairer. Multi-purpose Corkit® is used on concrete floors, steps, pools, lawn ornaments, placement of fixtures and signs, fill flaws in timber, ceramics and metal. Alter handles to assist the disabled or for countless other uses. Multi-purpose Corkit® has a 7 minute work time.

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