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EMERKIT® The original Epoxy Putty has secured a history of quality and has been manufactured in NZ Since 1967. Emerkit® has secured a place in numerous tradesmen tool boxes throughout Australia and New Zealand. Available in White/black, retail or economical bulk pack.

Emerkit is a two part, 1:1 ratio epoxy suitable for a multitude of uses. Simply mix the resin with the hardener, and with wet hands, mold into any virtually any shape you require. Emerkit does not run or drip and can be smoothed with water to give the desired finish. MORE INFO   TESTIMONIALS

Without Emerkit my Liquid Nitrogen Gun would most likely be nonexistent. Best epoxy in the world! I have tried almost every epoxy putty on the market, none was found to be as suitable as Emerkit – Dr Trevor Evens

Blister Retail Pack 8 Pack 1 Litre Tub Emerkit Pete